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Pappa Ciccia Kids Pizza Making Parties

Legendary Kids Pizza Making Parties Fulham

It’s the all-round solution for a great stress-free party, the venue,
fun and food all in one place

We provide legendary children’s pizza-making parties at Pappa Ciccia

  • Parties are held on Monday – Friday
  • Any time from 3.30 – 6.00 pm
  • A party usually lasts 1 ½/2 hours.
  • Ideally, children should be at least six years old as they usually have a longer attention span and enjoy the experience more.
  • There is a minimum charge of £350 and a maximum number of children 25. This is to ensure that we can give lots of individual attention.
  • The price is £25 per child, and that includes the invitation cards, pizza, soft drinks and ice cream.
  • We aim to make all the children feel special, but we make an extra effort to make the birthday child feel important.
  • Please feel free to bring balloons and decorations
  • Also, let us know of any allergies or preferences ( Gluten-free and dairy-free options available )
  • Parental Supervision:

    An appropriate level of adult supervision must be present at all pizza-making parties. This supervision is as follows:

    Ages 6- 7 –   1 parent for every 6 children
    Ages 8-12 –  1 parent for every 10 children

    Whilst the dedicated party hosts will be on hand to entertain the children throughout the party, parents must be nearby at all times and must step in to help any children go to the toilet or wash their hands.

    Parents and other children not involved are welcome to stay, and they can relax in the front area of the restaurant and have a drink or a meal with siblings. We have a great children’s menu.

We divide the time into steps as follows:

Welcome – wash hands – put on aprons that we provide and stickers with their names on

Our pizza chef then makes some dough from scratch, explaining the secrets of a good pizza base.

We talk a little about the origin of pizza, and then we give everyone some pizza dough to experiment with.

Everyone gets to help make it and knead it, we will have your little ones tossing their very own dough and learning how to make their own pizza.

We give out the pizza base and fill the table with all the ingredients needed to make their individual pizzas.

The pizzas go in the oven, and after about 5/10 minutes, they are ready to eat.

While the pizzas cook, the older children are given a short A4 size quiz of about 5 easy questions. Younger children are encouraged verbally to recall the ingredients, things they have learned and the method.

We serve juice or water while they eat their pizza. We then chat and compliment the children on the great effort put into creating their delicious pizzas :)

We then serve ice cream and then present the birthday cake singing happy birthday – we can cut and serve the cake, or we can pack it in boxes for them to take away.

It’s amazing how creative and proud the children are of their pizzas, we never grow tired of their happy faces when the pizza comes out of the oven.

TO BOOK or find out more about children’s pizza-making parties, text 07956 970258
or email


“We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic Pizza party.
Sofia and her friends had a brilliant time and are still talking about it.

I have to say that it was the most stress-free birthday party I have ever had. My husband and I were well looked after with a glass of vino and olives while your staff took care of the party.

I will highly recommend this pizza-making its both fun and educational. We will see you all again soon.”

Mrs Harty


“Thank you, Shelly and the team for this amazing party. You are all very kind.

Clarisse and her friends had a lot of fun making their own pizza, especially when came time to rotate the pizza dough!

And at the end of the party, all the kids were really proud some even brought back home a piece of their pizza.”

Charlotte & Frederic Gatte