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Antipasto & Side Orders

Antipasto & Side Orders

Our Antipasto is beautifully presented with complementary freshly baked ciabatta

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Antipasto Pappa Ciccia – a selection of cured Italian meats, Italian cheeses and olives on a base of rocket £9.45

Antipasto Vegetarian version (v) a selection of Italian cheeses, mixed grilled vegetables, olives and Sun kissed tomatoes on a base of rocket £9.45

Side Orders

Pizza garlic bread £4.95

with tomato and herbs £6.45

with mozzarella £6.95

with chillies £5.95

Rustic ciabatta bread, fresh toasted with garlic and herbs £3.95

Rustic focaccia bread with olive oil, salt, and fresh rosemary £3.95

Roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary £3.50

Marinated olives £3.50

Arancini Di Riso (V)  £6.25

4 Rice balls stuffed with mixed vegetables, mozzarella & chilli, coated in bread crumbs & deep fried

Panzerotti  £4.50

A small version of the calzone or folded pizza, but produced with a softer dough, filled with ham, mushroom & deep fried