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Pappa Ciccia is a fully licensed premise with a Bring Your Own Bottle  (B.Y.O.B) option

That means that you can bring your own favourite bottle of wine or beer to enjoy with our traditional Italian food.

A modest £5.95 corkage fee will be charged per person (not per bottle) this means you can bring as many

bottles as you like for a set price of £5.95 for each guest.

Due to the license policy, you can only bring wine and beer. NO SPIRTIS

Why do businesses charge a corkage fee?

The main reason why businesses charge corkage fees is to recoup the costs of serving the alcohol.

Despite the name, a corkage fee does not just cover the waiter’s time uncorking the wine. It also covers the costs associated with pouring it and washing up the glassware afterwards. In some cases, it also covers the cost of bringing the wine to the right temperature. Realistically, some of it will also need to cover the occasional but inevitable breakages.

If a venue has an alcohol licence, a corkage fee also helps to cover lost revenue from in-house alcohol sales.

Parties & group bookings

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We would appreciate 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or changes in numbers if possible.

We look forward to sharing the welcome that makes Pappa Ciccia Special

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Alcohol consumption laws

A 16 or 17-year-old is allowed to drink beer, wine or cider with a table meal, provided an adult purchased the drink.

The adult must also be having a table meal. Bar snacks do not count as a table meal.

Documentary evidence can be a photo driving license, passport, or proof of age scheme card, which carries a pass logo.