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Pasta & Risotto

We also include some of our own freshly baked ciabatta bread for free of charge

Please ask for our fresh pasta daily specials and feel free to change the pasta type with any sauce. Gluten-free pasta always available although pasta shapes may vary
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Spaghetti Napoletana (v) – Simple & delicious tomato with herbs and fresh basil £8.95

Spaghetti Bolognese – A rich beef bolognese sauce with fresh herbs £10.50

Penne Arrabbiata (v) A slightly hot tomato sauce with fresh chillies and herbs £9.50

Polpette (meatballs) – Our own delicious meatballs made with beef, garlic and herbs served with the pasta of your choice £10.50

Linguine Al Pesto (v) – Pesto sauce made with pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic and fresh parmesan cheese £10.50

Tagliatelle Carbonara – Fresh cream, free-range high welfare pancetta, free-range egg, fresh parmesan and black pepper £10.95

Melanzane Parmigiana (v) – Oven-baked aubergines layered with tomato and herb sauce, mozzarella, basil and parmesan £12.50

Lasagna Al Forno – A rich lasagna made with beef bolognese & béchamel sauce £11.50

Vegetarian Lasagna (v) – Layers of seasonal vegetables in a rich béchamel cheese sauce with tomato and fresh herbs £11.50

Farfalle Primavera (v) – Butterfly shaped pasta with seasonal vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce £10.50

Tagliatelle Al Pollo – Tender high welfare free-range chicken breast & mushrooms in a cream & herb sauce £11.95

Spaghetti Mare – A mixed seafood pasta with mussels, prawns & clams in a tomato and fresh herb sauce £16.95

Fusilli all’ Amatriciana – Pancetta (smoked bacon)  high welfare free range with onions in a rich tomato sauce £10.95

Linguine Crab

Linguine pasta with a whole fresh crab in its shell in slightly spicy tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic and rocket leaves £18.95 ( When the whole crab is sold out we offer this dish with crab meat, please check at the time of ordering)

An extra portion of parmesan cheese £1.75


Arborio rice cooked slowly in the traditional Italian way. A deliciously satisfying dish.

Risotto with mixed seafood in a tomato sauce £16.95

Risotto porcini mushrooms £13.50

Risotto with smoked bacon from a high welfare free-range farm in a spicy tomato sauce £13.50

Risotto with mixed vegetables £11.95