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We are very proud of our food, service and reputation.

We read every comment that is sent to us, so let us know about your time at our restaurant or about your home delivery, please email or or call/text  079 56 970 258.

Your comments are always appreciated.


  • Service: The waiter was cheerful, responsive, and let me get on without being intrusive.

    Food: Ingredients could have been shipped from Italy that very day, fresh and full-bodied parmesan, mozzarella, and exquisite olives. I went for the panini and it was packed full with fillings and flavour.

    Decor: Improved a lot since my last visit, plenty to see with an authentic/rustic feel. Can imagine it’s cramped when full however.

    Prices: Simply put, it is expensive when compared to other Italians, the pizzas were too much for my liking and they could all come down by 10%. It would be a very expensive evening for a large party.

    Jeremy Leipzig Avatar
    Jeremy Leipzig

    Amazing. Nothing bad to say. Truly feel like you are in a little restaurant in Italy. The staff are all so friendly. Definitely recommend!

    Ben Bae Avatar
    Ben Bae

    Used to be better, but still good pizza and good ingredients, I love that there is a Gluten Free option available. There are better pizzas in the area, and especially for a way cheaper price. Way too expensive and not in line with the prices in the area. Happy to pay a higher price but I feel like it's not justified in this case.

    Carolina D. Avatar
    Carolina D.
  • More than one visit at different times of day. Quality and quantity of food excellent. Service is outstanding. Now a loyal customer.

    Thank you. @May2021

    B. Avatar

    Quaint but buzzing with atmosphere with authentic food. So good that you will start trying to eat off everyone else's plate with food envy. The staff are a joy . Highly recommend

    Georgie Stedman Avatar
    Georgie Stedman

    Ordered via Uber eats, lasagne and spaghetti mare - both were delicious. Also ordered a garlic bread with mozzarella, which unfortunately didn’t arrive, however called the restaurant and the manager was wonderful and sent a replacement with his own driver. Best pasta I’ve had since moving to London over 3 years ago and exceptional customer service!

    Darian Lovell Avatar
    Darian Lovell