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We are very proud of our food, service and reputation.

We read every comment that is sent to us, so let us know about your time at our restaurant or about your home delivery, please email Shelly at or or call/text  079 56 970 258.

Your comments are always appreciated.

  • Best gluten free pizza in London. We've been ordering from these guys for a few years and it never disappoints

    Bernat Visus Avatar
    Bernat Visus

    Amazing experience. Very cosy atmosphere, very nice ambience, good service and amazing food.

    Mubashair Ahmad Avatar
    Mubashair Ahmad

    Really attentive and polite owners. Their pizzas are spot on and so is the rest of the menu. Great asset to Fulham. Well done guys.

    Igor Simonov Avatar
    Igor Simonov
  • Excellent food and good neighborhood atmosphere. Loves the vegetable lasagna and the spaghetti with meat sauce. Nice wine selection as well

    Bob McCranie Avatar
    Bob McCranie

    Great food with fresh ingredients, very good service and relaxing atmosphere! And the prices quite descent for London.

    We had the best pizza we've had in London to date! Pappa ciccia salad was very tasty as well!!

    We'll definitely go back.

    The only advice to management would be to remove one of the outside tables and change the chairs' layout as it's very dangerous for customers to fall off from the above the ground grass-floor. When we were there, someone fell off his chair and luckily he didn't hurt seriously but if it was someone older, like my mom, it would have been very dangerous.

    Konstantina Petridou Avatar
    Konstantina Petridou

    Great food and service. Gluten free option which actually tasted like food and not cardboard. Small interior. Will definitely be returning.

    Susan Cockburn Avatar
    Susan Cockburn