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We are very proud of our food, service and reputation.

We read every comment that is sent to us, so let us know about your time at our restaurant or about your home delivery, please email or or call/text  079 56 970 258.

Your comments are always appreciated.


  • Great food and excellent service 😊

    Skittles2628 Avatar

    Good customer service and help with social distancing

    Brendan Walsh Avatar
    Brendan Walsh

    Best pizza in town

    Tiago Pereira Avatar
    Tiago Pereira
  • The place was amazing. The food was lovely, as was the atmosphere and we had the friendliest waiter I've ever had in my entire life. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be going back.

    Natalia Cliff Avatar
    Natalia Cliff

    Fantastic gluten free & vegan pizza. Well made and lovely warm atmosphere. Will revisit.

    Ricardo Paulo Avatar
    Ricardo Paulo

    Good quality Italian food, have only tried the pizza on a few occasions. The pizza is good, would recommend a visit, they have a couple of branches.

    D Griffiths Avatar
    D Griffiths